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Q: Who was Heal-n-Soothe— formulated for?
A: Individuals looking to support healthy joints, naturally reduce pain and inflammation from soft tissue damage, support a healthy immune response and support cardiovascular and respiratory function.*

Q: What was Heal-n-Soothe— designed for?
A: Heal-n-Soothe— was designed for general immune system support and soft tissue support particularly after exercise or overuse. The ingredients included have either antioxidant or anti-inflammatory properties, which can contribute to an increase in the speed of recovery after exertion or strain.*

Q: What is in Heal-n-Soothe—?
A: Proteolytic Enzymes; Papain and Bromelain; Proprietary Proteolytic Blended enzymes; Serrazimes® proven to be superior alternative to Serrapeptidase. Rutin, Citrus BioFlavonoids, Boswellia Serrata, Turmeric Extract, Ginger Extract, Vitamin E, L-glutathione and Devil’s Claw.*

Q: What are Proteolytic Enzymes and what do they do?
A: The enzymes that are in Heal-n-Soothe— break down proteins in the gut when proteins are available, but when Heal-n-Soothe— is taken on an empty stomach they are now use in the systemic circulation and can than be use for controlling both systemic inflammation and inflammation resulting from soft tissue injuries.*

Q: How are enzymes measured?
A: Enzymes are measured in Enzymatic Units not weight, so when you see other labels listing only the Milligrams and not the FCCPU or “U” for enzymatic Units, Stay away, because you will not know the true content of the product. Heal-n-Soothe— provides full discloser of our Proprietary Blend in mg and units, insuring you have full discloser.*

Q: What do the other ingredients in this product do?
A: The non-enzyme ingredients in this product function as botanical anti-Inflammatories or as antioxidants.*

Q: Will Heal-n-Soothe— supports normal recovery of soft tissue damage?
A: This formula is a special blend of ingredients designed to naturally reduce pain and inflammation as well as provide nutritional support for the normal recovery of soft tissue following damage to the tissue. *

Q: Is Heal-n-Soothe— made with any animal product?
A: NO, Heal-n-Soothe— is 100% natural and contains NO animal derivatives.*

Q: Should I take food with Heal-n-Soothe—?
A: No, Heal-n-Soothe— should be taken on an empty stomach or 60 minutes before meals or 60 minutes after means for best results.*

Q: Who should not take Heal-n-Soothe—?
A: Individuals on blood thinners, Aspirin or antibiotics. Individuals with known allergies to any of the
ingredients. Individuals who have known ulcers should not take Heal-n-Soothe—. Women who are Pregnant or lactating or who are trying to get pregnant... No one under the age of 13 should take Heal-n-Soothe™.*

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Q: How often should Heal-n-Soothe— be taken?
A: This product can either be taken 1 capsule three times a day or 3 capsules at bedtime on an empty stomach with 8 oz of water.*

Q: Are there any Side Effects?
A: It is possible but not likely to develop an allergy to the one or more of the ingredients in this product, if so discontinue use. If gas is produced that means that the Proteases are working on the undigested Proteins in the gut and this will help with the elimination of waste.*

Q: How long can I take Heal-n-Soothe—?
A: This product can be taken just before and just after any activity that is known to cause any physical stress to soft tissue. This product should be safe for continual use but if continual use is desired it should be done so under the care of a health professional.*

Q: Who Manufactured Heal-n-Soothe— and can they be trusted?
A: National Enzyme Company of Fortsyth, Missouri. NEC is the oldest enzyme company in North America and adheres to the strictest Good Manufacturing Practices “cGMP”.*

Q: How long should one bottle last me?
A: The Heal-n-Soothe— bottle you received is a 90-count bottle, when taking 3 capsules a day you will have a 30-day supply. *

Q: Can I buy Heal-n-Soothe— in stores?
A: No, if you would like to order Heal-n-Soothe™ over the phone please call 1 (888) 343-3488.

Q: What phone number can I call if I have Customer Service or Billing Questions?
A: Please call 1 (800) 248-1068 and your call will be returned within 24 hours.

Q: Can I take Heal-n-Soothe— with other medications?
A: Individuals taking blood thinners or antibiotics should not take Heal-n-Soothe—, for all other medications you will need to consult your physician, it is recommended that you wait at least 60 minutes after taking Heal-n-Soothe™ before taking any other medications.*

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